There are a lot of terrific resources online that we have collected here for you.
General Online Resources
The viewpoints expressed in the sites above do not necessarily represent those of Meridian First Baptist Church.
Online Study Resources
  • : This site provides multiple Bible versions in text and audio. It also has several daily devotionals and through-the-Bible reading plans.
  • : Photographs and descriptions of sites in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Greece with an emphasis on biblical archaeology, geography and history.
  • : Large variety of Bible study tools, including interlinear texts, lexicons and dictionaries, texts of early Church Fathers, and much more.
  • : On-line Bible translation with extensive footnotes, commentary, and links to helpful material.
  • : Christian Classics Ethereal Library offers 1000’s of books to read on-line, download in various formats, purchase, etc.
  • : A strange site (check out the name!) but it provides links to hundreds of useful books and materials.
  • : Thousands of audio and video sermons, lectures, etc. from The Master’s Seminary and affiliates, including Grace to You (John MacArthur).
  • : Tyndale House Cambridge has produced a powerful Bible site which syncs different translations and languages.
  • : Best source for finding used books at good prices.
  • : Download the BEST free digital Bible study program here!
Biblical Counseling Resources